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Oil & Gas related materials

Oil & Gas Applications

Haesung ST delivers a wide range of seamless & welded tubes and pipes for onshore line pipe & offshore pipes to be used in the most demanding conditions. Related main markets are • Oil and Gas Pipelines • Mineral Slurry Pipelines….Read More

Chemical & Petrochemical Applications

Basis on customer oriented services, Haesung ST’s consultation & SCM service are designed and offered to meet customers’ sophisticated demands. Haesung ST is able to supply the full range seamless & welded tubing & piping products in different steel grades to support large and complex HPI (Hydrocarbon Processing Industry) projects worldwide ensuring a high project performance even for processes subject to extreme temperatures, pressures and corrosive environment…..Read More

Plant & Equipment Applications

Haesung ST offers various kinds of carbon, stainless steel plates & coils for pressure vessels with excellent cold & hot formality and qualified mechanical properties enhanced by post welding heat treatment.ㆍLNG Storage tanks : Carbon Steel Tank Plates often requires of precision cutting and welding according to specific drawingsㆍBoiler : Boiler Plate can be used for container of petroleum & Chemical industry, gas separation, gas storage & transportation. ….Read More  

Metal Solution Provider

Haesung ST, A LEADING GLOBAL SUPPLIER of pipe, tube, plate & coil provides technology-driven solutions for numerous fields, including offshore and onshore hydrocarbon processing as well as the automotive industry. Haesung ST is a leading supplier of tubing and piping products, of related services for the world’s energy industry and other industrial applications…..Read More

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Coils Sheets & Plates

S200 Series

Stainless Steel 200 Series is referred to as stainless steel with Nickel at 1~6%.It start to be used in USA, Japan, China, South Asia and now broadly spreads to around the world. 200 series is useful….Read More.

S300 Series

Stainless Steel 300 Series has corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and low temperature strength.It has good mechanical property.(Used wide Usages)300 series is used Home tableware, bath tub, indoor pipe, automobile part….Read More.

S400 Series

400 Series is the general purpose and most widely used of all the Martensitic grades of stainless steels.In its annealed condition it may be drawn, formed or shaped and because it is….Read More.

Hot-Rolled Coil

This refers to steel sheets that have been thinned by heating, pressing, and extending semi-finished steel slabs made by processing molten steel….Read More

Cold-Rolled Sheet

Cold-rolled sheets are produced with desired thickness by rolling hot-rolled sheets at room temperature. Made by going through such processes as pickling, rolling, and plating, these products are widely used in manufacturing automobiles….Read More

Steel Plates

With the completion of its integrated steelworks, Hyundai Steel boasts a complete heavy plate production system that ranges from raw materials to final products. Our manufacturing methods have won approval from shipping classification societies in a host of countries. ….Read More

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Automotive Materials

Carbon Seamless & Welded Tubes

ASTM A513 Electric – Resistance Welded Carbon and alloy steel. ASTM A519 Seamless Carbon & Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing. ..Read More

Stainless Seamless & Welded Tubes

ASTM A511  Seamless Stainless steel Mechanical Tubing. ASTM A554 Welded Stainless steel Mechanical Tubing….Read More

Automotive Parts

Seat Frame, Steering Hanger beam, Steering Shaft, Power Steering, Power steering lower arm, Stabilizer….Read More

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About Us

Our promise

“We strive to meet customers’ needs by always supplying the finest quality products.     Through 24 hour customer oriented service of Haesung ST, customers can grow their business by using the best materials at a competitive price. This partnership creates continuous improvement to customers and enables Haesung ST to keep our own promise to contribute in reserving the natural environment as clean & safe for us and next generation.”


About US

Package Service

“If one company can not operate engineering, fabrication, & procurement alone then several companies may become a new line of business to use their own strengths and complement one another for better performance. Engineers, Operators, Tech sales team, Inspectors and procurement team have more than avg. five years of working experience in their own specialties. Our outsourcing manufacturers & strategic biz alliances were created through business transactions throughout our working experience.  Finally, we all come to work as “ one dream team” to simplify your business operation with Package Service.”


Our Service

Oil & Gas Applications

Oil Gas Applications inevitably refers to  onshore & offshore pipe lines. We offer followings types of pipes

  • SEAMLESS : Pipes Manufactured Seamless process
  • LSAW: Longitudinal Seam Submerged Arc Welded
  • ERW: Electronic Resistant Welded

Petrochemical Applications

Haesung ST is able to supply the full range of tubular & piping products in different steel grades to support large and complex HPI (Hydrocarbon Processing Industry) projects.

  • Carbon & Carbon Alloy 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Duplex Steels
  • Copper Alloy Steels
  • Titanium Steels

Plant & Equipment Applications

Haesung ST offers various kinds of Carbon, Stainless, Duplex and other steel grade plates with excellent cold & hot formality and qualified mechanical properties enhanced by post welding heat treatment.


Automotive Applications

Haesung ST provides the most qualified tubes for essential components for half shafts, stabilizer, steering systems, side impact beams for automotive parts. We can provide Seamless & Welded carbon, stainless steel tubes for your specific purposes and work with specialized manufacturers form your design of automotive parts.

Material Consultation

With minimum 7 years of working experience in steel business, our employees are able to consult with your company for any requested materials. 

Other Applications

Haesung ST continually develops business models, alliances, outsourcing manufactures and broaden our scopes of business roles in mentioned fields. 

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