Cold-Rolled Coil

Manf. under Cold Rolling Process

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Prod. Grade A366-91, A619, A620
Prod. Equivalent Cold Rolled Coils
Prod. Type Coil Sheet Plate
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Product Description

Cold-rolled coils & sheets are produced with desired thickness by rolling hot-rolled sheets at room temperature. Made by going through such processes as pickling, rolling, and plating, these products are widely used in manufacturing automobiles, consumer electronics, and construction materials. They are seen as the essence of steel products due to their excellent quality of high strength as well as smooth and fine surfaces

  • Commercial Cold Rolled Steel
  • HSS (High Strength Cold Rolled Steel)
  • Structural Cold Rolled Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel for Welding Rod
  • Cold Rolled Steel for Porcelain Enameling
  • Sulfate Resistant Cold Rolled Steel
  • Weather Resistant Steel