Off shore Materials

Corrosion Resistance

Product Info

Prod. Grade ASTM A213, A312, A376, A790
Prod. Equivalent DIN 17175, S32304, S31803, S32750/60, S31500

Product Description

Haesung ST’s service centres worldwide work closely with you not only to deliver the products but provide wide rages of material selections with best consulting services for your business success.


■ Stainless

TP304 ,TP316, TP317, TP321, TP310S, TP347, S30432, S31254 (L, H, N, LN),

■ Pipes

  • Outer diameter :10.5~273.1ø(1/8 ~ 10inch)
  • Thickness : 1.0~23T(SCH5S~XXS)
  • Related standard : A312, A376, A790, G3459
  • Applied Areas : Utilized in petrochemicals, shipbuildings, and power plant pipes
  • Boilers & Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • Outer diameter : 10 ~ 120ø
  • Thickness : 1.0~30T

Related standard : A213, A268, A269, G3463

Applied Areas : Utilized in power plants and petrochemicals

■ Duplex

  • S32304, S31803, S32750/60, S31500
  •  Hot finished : Diameter 40-273.1 ø, thickness 4.0t or more
  •  Cold finished : Diameter 19.05-110 ø, thickness 1.65t or more

■ Applied Areas

  • Power plants, petrochemical plants
  • Offshore plants, desalination plants
  • Wastewater treatment facilities,general pipes in a chloridic environment