Stainless Steel 200 Series

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Product Info

Prod. Grade A240, A480
Prod. Equivalent EN 1.4372

Product Description

Stainless Steel 200 Series

Stainless Steel 200 Series is referred to as stainless steel with Nickel at 1~6%. It start to be used in USA, Japan, China, South Asia and now broadly spreads to around the world. 200 series is useful and available to many areas such as interior/exterior covering, home applications, pipes, casing and fire doors. Thanks to similar quality but more effective cost saving.200 series is recognized as an alternative to other stainless steel series.

History of  200 Series

At early 1930s, Austenite 200 Series was first developed and a lot of meaningful development work was done in 1950s, particular in USA. At that time, 200 series had contained Nickel 2.5~6%, Chrome 16~19%, Carbon 0.15%, Nitrogen 0.25% and Manganese 5.5~10%. But it had some flaws at formability and corrosion resistance after welding due to including too much carbon and Nitrogen. In 1990s,through supplementation of chemical component, where the amount of carbon was reduced to max 0.09%, Nitrogen to 0.17% and Copper was newly added1.7~2.1%, formability and corrosion resistance were improved. Now, by a combination of various chemical compositions, it has a comparable quality to 304 grade.

Chemical Composition of 201 Stainless Steel

C Mn P S Si Cr Ni N Mo Remark
0.15 5.5-7.5 0.06 0.03 1.00 16-18 3.5-5.5 0.25 %

200 Series Market Outlook

According to international Stainless steel Forum(ISSF), stainless steel 200 series has occupied 11% in international stainless steel market and it is released that domestic market share is estimated to be 10~13%.

At first, it was distributed simply as a substitution of grade 304, and now it is used not only in kitchen, pipe, interior/exterior covering, but also in all sorts of surface processing and long products.

The scale of the market is surely expected to extend further.