Stainless Steel 300 Series

Stainless Steel 300 Series Stainless Steel 300 Series has corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and low temperature strength.It has good mechanical property.(Used wide...
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Stainless Steel 400 Series

Stainless Steel 400 Series 400 Series is the general purpose and most widely used of all the Martensitic grades of stainless steels....
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Carbon Seamless & Welded Tubes

Seamless & Welded Tubes for automotive application Applicable Grades ASTM A513 Electric – Resistance Welded Carbon and alloy steel ASTM A519 Seamless...
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ASTM A513 for Automotive Application

Type As-welded Tubing Nomalized Tubing Strength(MPa. Min) Strength(MPa. Min) Yield Ultimate Yield Ultimate 1008 207 290 159 262 1009 207 290 159...
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